Food industry

The Italian Food Industry is one of our country’s absolute bests: it is a sector characterized on one hand by a strong growth trend, mainly thanks to exports, and on the other hand by pressure on margins, due to the bargaining power of large-scale retail and the rising costs of raw materials and energy. In recent years in many industries, from bakery products to desserts, from pasta to wine, there has been an ongoing process of aggregation through acquisitions, driven particularly by the need to achieve sufficient strength to compete in international markets. Strategic MP supports companies in their growth projecst and processes improvement to fully seize the opportunities offered by the markets.

Our contribution:

  • Assistance in international development projects also through acquisitions of companies in target countries
  • Design and implementation of organization and IT integration projects, post acquisition
  • Supply chain analysis and redesign to make the entire process efficient and the company more competitive
  • Design and implementation of continuous innovation projects to foster new product design, process improvement and reduce waste.


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