Sectors and Best Practices

We mainly work in those sectors in which companies have an ongoing relationship with their customers (subscriptions, consumer services and individual purchases), manage multiple channels of customer contact (direct and indirect) and experience a historical moment of extreme turbulence (endogenous and exogenous).

We believe in continous innovations and we work with our clients end to end, from strategy to execution, until we achieve the goals we set.


Strategic Managmente Partners has developed significant experiences in:

Food industry

The Italian Food Industry is one of our country’s absolute bests...

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Consumer Goods

The Manufacturing sector is directly affected by the continuous changes that are taking place...

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Global cosmetics consumption has been growing steadily for years. From hygiene-related products...

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Energy & Utilities

Since deregulation, the utility market has been in a state of continuous change. have proliferated...

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Financial Services

In a historical moment characterized by a strong race to remove costs for the clients, banks...

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Large Scale Retail

The Large-Scale Retail sector is undergoing a continuous process of change sector due to a gradual reduction in margins...

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Hi Tech

The High Tech area assists most of the italian leading companies in facing...

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The manufacturing industrial sector, particularly in the SME segment, has been going through...

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The media practice is assisting one of the industries with the highest rate of strategic and organizational change...

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We put our expertise in support of PA to improve the well-being of individual citizens and society as a whole...

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Pharma & Healthcare

The Pharmaceutical sector is traditionally complex and articulated The peculiarity of the products...

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The Telecommunications sector has experienced dramatic changes over the past decade, due in part...

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