The manufacturing industrial sector, particularly in the SME segment, has been going through a difficult period, both due to general contingency (e.g., pandemic, cost explosion, etc.) and more endogenous reasons (e.g., offshoring, low-cost competition, etc.).

The internationalization processes of capital in larger companies and generational changes in smaller companies, which contributed to weaken the country’s productivity levels, requiring new governance models and more resilient and digitized operational processes.

By intervening in processes and supporting the clients with digital tools, we help all business stakeholders, from entrepreneurs to managers.

Our contribution:

  • Redesign and implementation of effective and efficient processes using the value chain as a guideline
  • Analysis and optmization of supply chain processes (Planning, Procurement, Distribution Logistics)
  • Digitization of factory and logistics operational processes
  • Definition of KPI measurement tools and creation of control dashboards


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