The Telecommunications sector has experienced dramatic changes over the past decade, due in part to the availability of new technologies that have changed the way people communicate with each other and, consequently, market needs and business models. In an ever-changing environment, where the number of fixed line activations is decreasing while mobile line activations are increasing, where connectivity services are becoming commodities, and where value-added services are seeing the entry and development of OTT operators, telecommunications companies are required to have great flexibility and internal efficiency in order to compete effectively.

Our contribution:

  • Redesign of internal processes from both operational and IT perspectives
  • Implementation best practices for managing core and support activities
  • Changing the “customer care” approach to improve the customer experience
  • Defining an appropriate business proposition at times of introduction of a new technology within the market
  • Management support
  • Synergy with media, high tech, electricity and natural gas areas
  • Global and multidisciplinary approach while maintaining verticality on individual sectors


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