Pharma & Healthcare

The Pharmaceutical sector is traditionally complex and articulated The Pharmaceutical sector is traditionally complex and articulated. The peculiar nature of products characterized by regulations, production standards, sales, distribution and marketing models (which may vary depending on whether the product is an ethical drug, SOP, OTC, rather than a parapharmaceutical or a supplement), requires care in planning the processes of the entire production and distribution chain

Our contribution:

  • Definition in the domestic market of channel development strategies (doctor, pharmacist and hospital)
  • Support in the process of launching a new product, which is particularly long and articulated. Analysis of market scenarios.
  • Identification of new organizational models
  • Development and optimization of sales channels
  • Training of front-end staff
  • Definition of incentive systems, to increase the effectiveness of the sales force and safeguard company margins
  • Maintaining competitive advantage in a turbulent market characterized by many regulatory changes and numerous public and private stakeholders
  • Employment of our deep expertise gained in the areas of organization and marketing and sales
  • Developing a vertical approach that embraces industry peculiarities but leverages multi-sector and multidisciplinary experience


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